Proverbs, Parables, and Sayings of Gabriel Agbasi

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[1] To dream and not understand it, is like eating and not tasting it.

[2] To go to sleep, without "Programming it first" is like
driving to work with blindfolds on.

[3] To "Program your sleep" is like ordering food at a restaurant.
when it is delivered, there is no surprise.

[4] To "make a wish, asking for The Truth, is like
requesting custom made clothes and getting it.

[5] To experience a dream, without analyzing it, is like
inviting a thief to your house and walking away.

[6] Better to "Program your sleep" one day than
to live in the lap of luxury for 50 years.

[7] To ask for The Truth by "Programming your sleep"
is like walking into The Garden of Eden everyday.

[8] Heaven is Order. "Program your sleep"
every night and set your earth life in order.

[9] To think the thoughts you programmed in your sleep is
to be in Heaven, without going to sleep first.

[10] They say: "The Kingdom of Heaven is before you", yet invisible.
Program your sleep and go to sleep, and see it via your spirit.

[11] They say: "And their eyes were opened."
Program your sleep and close your eyes and enter the bliss of Heaven.

[12] It is said: "Your mind is not your brain."
As your body eats, your mind must eat.
Program your sleep every night to feed your mind.

[13] False Dreams: "Illusion" is its name.
A tool used by wickedness and the wicked.

[14] Accept truthful dreams and reject illusions. Program your sleep to tell the difference.

[15] To accept a false dream as The Truth is like swallowing slow poison.

[16] The liar: "coward" is his name, uses illusions to manipulate the people.

[17] A person who accepts false dreams as true is like being a puppet in waking life.

[18] To program your sleep is to guard your mind from false dreams and lies.

[19] The illusion spinner: "incompetent" is his name, the
wise person discerns the mistakes in his false dreams.

[20] The liar sends a false dream, sleep programming thwarts it.

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